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On Monday two weeks ago we received a surprise call from a prospective client who was running a HubSpot trial. We started the trial to gather data to make the business case for an investment in our Sales and Marketing Messaging Alignment process , HubSpot, and our HubSpot implementation support.

The call went something like, "We're selling the company on Monday and spinning out a new business, I need your help for the next week to build a new web site, to make it corporate and cool and to address our new target market of email data storage solutions for the World's largest message service providers. Oh, and by the way, we have no time to spend on this as we are tied up with the sale of the business and will be in the USA attending an industry conference next week. Also we want a new 4 page brochure to hand out the conference"

This was an unusual engagement based on a 20 year personal relationship and where the exec. team had to trust us in our decision to build their new website in HubSpot and in our ability to deliver. We knew what we could deliver and what we needed to outsource to get the job done.

  • The first call was to Dan Lynton of Lynton Labs, a HubSpot certified partner to deliver a custom CSS 
  • Stephanie Tilton from TenTon Marketing helped with professional editing of the brochure.
  • Frank Roesner, a professional photographer, who supplied images from a recent corporate shoot to add a personal touch to the Website.
  • Kallkwik, a design and print shop in Kensington did a great job with design and layout of the brochure and delivered on the same day.

The Bizanga Store Website and brochure were delivered on time and the customer is delighted. But this is just the end of the beginning. What we delivered to the client is far more than just a new website and we will help the client implement the following inbound marketing sequence of events.

We built the Website in HubSpot and created the foundation for an inbound marketing strategy that over time will:

  • clearly identify target buyer persona goals, needs and problems and align messaging that matches unique capabilities to buyer needs 
  • generate inbound leads through conversion pages where visitors opt-in to give their contact details by subscribing to blogs, news and events, email newsletters and to gain access to Webinars, white-papers and online content.
  • to connect, establish and strengthen relationships with prospective customers industry influencers, analysts and thought leaders through social networking and regular communication
  • creating fresh content relevant to prospects, customers, partners to build inbound links to improve rankings on Google for favorite keywords
  • creating thought leadership in their market through using ideas from David Meerman Scott's best selling book, "The New Rules for Marketing and PR". 
  • Build sales one customer at a time and build brand through making each customer successful and using the above tools to spread the news.

The next step is to present the above game-plan to the client and get buy-in to execute.