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As Hubspot customers, Hubspot partners and fellow travelers on the inbound marketing journey for 10 months now, we heartily recommend "Inbound Marketing", by Dharmesh Shah and Brian Halligan, as this book represents a very readable and do-able playbook for implementing inbound marketing methodology.Inbound Marketing

Packed with concise guidance, case studies, and practical to-do’s that you can implement today, this book is really a text-book on the subject and is one of the most important books for Internet era marketers published to date.

HubSpot founders Dharmesh Shah and Brian Halligan have created, proven and are rapidly ramping a business at Hubspot.com, that embodies this "Inbound Marketing" methodology. Their nearly 2000 customers, including Advanced Marketing Concepts Ltd., and several of our clients; Vico Software and Magic Software, are using the Hubspot Inbound Marketing platform and you can't argue with the results…if you actively use the inbound marketing methods espoused in this book, you will be successful in creating inbound leads and you will transform your business.

It doesn't matter if you are a Bed & Breakfast proprieter; a mid sized high technology firm selling B2B; an old-line business like grocer, Whole Foods; or a golf pro selling lessons like Charlie King at Reynolds plantation. The principles in "Inbound Marketing" are universal and if you follow this link you can view Inbound Marketing success stories.

The proven theory behind this methodology which is documented and well illustrated in the numerous case studies in this book is that if you create great content and publish it on the Internet; and connect with buyers who may be interested in what you do through the social media, then you will get found. If you do it on a consistent basis and analyze and tune your content, you will build traffic and inbound links and the inbound links will move your content to the top of the Google (and other search engine) rankings.

This book dispels the myth that you need highly paid SEO rocket-scientists to move you onto the front page of Google and also begs the question as to why you would use pay-per-click for anything other than short-term results.

Inbound Marketing is a new way of doing things; it is still in the early adopter phase and this book will accelerate adoption.  Every day we speak with clients who could benefit from reading this book.

  • When we talk to VP’s of Sales and learn that their sales teams are still making cold calls, we will recommend this book.
  • When we visit Websites that are packed with "product-speak" and "gobbledygook", we will recommend this book to the VP of Marketing, (along with David Meerman Scott's, The New Rules of Marketing and PR). 
  • From now on, we will use this book as a calling card to the CEO’s we want to meet, because they will ultimately have to endorse a new way of doing things.

A word of advice; "Inbound Marketing" offers a methodology which is a transformational approach to marketing and it’s not a one off event. It takes diligence, focus and an ongoing commitment to a new way of marketing, but it works and there is no going back.

Buy the book and welcome to the journey.

Highly recommended.