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Using Inbound Marketing to realize the full potential of your sales team

White Paper Executive Summary

Anyone who has been part of a Business-to-Business (B2B) lead generation whitepapertechnology sales team will be familiar with some of the typical excuses given when we are not hitting our numbers:
  • We’re not getting enough leads
  • Marketing doesn’t understand our customers
  • The leads that marketing delivered were not properly qualified
  • Most of the leads I call don’t want to talk to me
  • They were interested but had already chosen another solution

These issues can be particularly vexing for vendors selling discontinuous or disruptive technology to early adopters. 

This revised and updated white paper is for sales and marketing leaders interested in improving their lead-generation capability and converting more leads into customers as they pursue the early market. In it, we explain why traditional lead development methods no longer apply to selling in today’s markets – and describe a solution that helps organizations improve lead generation and conversions.

This paper has been revised and updated as of August 2010.

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