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I created this self-assessment survey for one our clients, VICO Software last week to understand what skills and techniques they are actually using from our Consultative Selling training and performance support program. This survey was conducted prior to our group coaching session entitled "Getting out of your comfort-zone". I was surprised that a lot of the most useful techniques were not being widely used on a daily basis...hence the coaching session title.

Anyone who answers yes to all of these questions should be on track to achieve 200+% of goal, because they will be maximizing their most precious resource - time and optimizing every encounter with buyers and only working on opportunities that are highly qualified and likely to close.

As a bit of background, we started working through a sequence of events with VICO, commencing in October 08 with a Sales and Marketing Messaging Alignment Workshop; we trained the sales team in November and provisioned the Performance Support (E-Learning) in December. We are now 6 months into the program and starting to see the fruits of the effort everyone has put in....but the survey showed there is still plenty of upside for performance improvement.

The attached survey includes 20 questions to establish the use of "best-practices". If you are unfamiliar with some of the concepts, I have included URL's to take you to a "GoView" recording of the concepts captured from our Performance Support program.

I invite you to take the test, or have your sales team take the test. Please feel free to send me the results or to share it freely and I hope you enjoy the freeview of the concepts from our "Consultative Selling in the Internet Age" E-Learning Program. If you would like to discuss improving your own or your team's performance please contact us.

Click on the link to view/download the Excel form.


 20 Questions for Sales Professionals