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Worldwide Rave in St AndrewsDavid Meerman Scott's new book World Wide Rave builds on concepts in his highly original "The New Rules of PR and Marketing" and creates a manifesto for massive inbound marketing success in marketing ideas/products/services over the Internet. Rich with anecdotes and stories from people who have created their own World Wide Rave, David inspires challenges and stimulates thinking which has profound impact for anyone selling or marketing anything. 

An overnight success - 10 years in the making, David's ideas are rapidly changing the way people market products and create PR. He describes himself as a recovering marketing executive having led marketing efforts at Knight Ridder and News Edge in the old World of Marketing and PR.

Every day in the technology business I see old-World examples which David highlights - marketers wasting time, money and precious resources on doing things the old way. Buying PR services, counting print impressions, spamming people with direct mail and email campaigns; hiring telemarketers to generate leads because their me-too Websites don't have sufficient inbound lead flow to feed the sales force.
Typically these companies are product-centric; you'll see product features and benefits (another sure sign of old-World thinking) on their site and the good stuff, their interesting ideas are under lock-and-key...you have to give your contact details to get it - so they can SPAM you with email and hound you with Telemarketers.

Rules for creating a World Wide Rave are simple, anyone with thoughtful ideas can do this, and whether your market is 100 or 10 million, the principles are the same.

1. Nobody cares about your products - except you.  People are interested in themselves and their issues; they like to be entertained and share in something remarkable....don't hype your products, CREATE SOMETHING INTERESTING & TELL STORIES.
2. No coercion required. NO GIMMICKS OR BAIT AND SWITCH.  When you've got something interesting and worth sharing, people will talk about it.
3. Lose control - of your messages. Make your valuable online content totally free and easily shareable. It's not about generating "sales leads", yes you can measure success, but DON'T obsess about marketing ROI.
4. Put down roots - get involved in the online communities of people who actively share.
5. Create triggers - that encourage people to share. When a product or service solves a problem, or is very valuable, interesting, funny or just plain outrageous it's ready to be shared.
6. Point the World to your virtual doorstep. If you follow the Rules of the Rave, people will talk about you, and when they do they will generate all sorts of on-line buzz that will be indexed by Search Engines all relating to what your organization is up to.

Simple right?
Read the book, learn the rules and create your own World Wide Rave.