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Social media spans a variety of tools, including Twitter and FriendFeed, but best known are networks, like Facebook and MySpace. The success of the purely social networks have brought about the existence of business only social media tools like LinkedIn, Plaxo Pulse, Xing and Ryze networks.

LinkedIn is currently the gold standard for business intelligence and personal productivity.

Do you or your sales team have a systematic approach to generating leads or gaining introductions or inside information using social networks?

Currently AMC's social network lead generation statistics are compelling. If you could close 10% of the responses you get from well written social network introductions, would you do this on a systematic basis?

Whether you are a F500, an SMB or a solo entrepreneur, LinkedIn is an essential sales tool which leverages the relationship established in the careers and experience of its employees for the success of the employer.

It is a framework which enables all of us to do better what we instinctively do when we think about solving a business problem. You can enjoy substantial value from LinkedIn as a free member but you do have to invest your time in building a complete profile and a network of at least 50-100 1st degree connections.

Ed Callahan is an AMC partner, CEO Advisor and Sales Consultant with a practice centered on helping companies grow their top line. You can read more about Ed and his practice either at linkedin.com/in/edcallahansprofile or on his website, http://www.coherentsalesconsulting.com/blog/10-ways-to-leverage-linkedin-for-your-business/.