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 Willie Lohman vs Sales 2.0The Sales 2.0 model is about efficiently attracting and servicing SME's (and enterprise customers) using the Internet and the wealth of sales and marketing productivity and communication tools that it has spawned.
The Sales 1.0 model (sales rep finds a prospect, gets on a plane, meets F2000 client in person) is an inefficient model to address this market.

As consultants we meet many CXO's in technology companies who would like to serve their clients more effectively. When asked, they describe their relationship with their customers as preferred vendors -(not strategic and easily substituted), whereas what they would really like is to become trusted advisors, - (the customer cannot live without them).
On inquiry, it often emerges that their lack of formal sales process, weak marketing, poor articulation of value-creation and disfunctional CRM implementations are significant barriers to overcome before they can gain the promise of Sales 2.0 and a more strategic relationship with clients.

The Internet has changed the buying-selling game forever and enabled Sales 2.0.
Since the Millennium, Google and other search engines have empowered buyers, so that the need for interaction with sales-people has drastically diminished.
When a salesperson is engaged, chances are the buyer already knows what they want and the price they are willing to pay….the traditional customer relationship, once the hallmark of sales professionals, may be going the way of Arthur Miller’s hapless character, Willie Lohman.

Without current skills and competence in using sales productivity tools and an inbound marketing generated lead-flow, salespeople struggle to achieve success. CSO Insights keeps statistics on quota achievement and in their Sales Performance Optimization 2009 survey of over 1800 companies, they reported quota achievement was 59%, I expect this year it will be even lower.
  • Sales 2.0 is an amalgam of Web 2.0 technologies, lightweight sales-process and people skills.
  • Web 2.0 technologies underpin awareness creation, lead generation, customer interactivity, CRM and enable the buying process.
  • Sales 2.0 processes and disciplines leverage CRM tools to create transparency and align buyer and seller through the sales process.
  • Sales 2.0 sales-people are efficient in their use of resources, competent in using Web 2.0 tools, recognize the need for their own personal development, are skilled communicators expert in diagnosis and qualification. 
  • Sales & Marketing Messaging Alignment around customer usage is an essential pre-requisite to implementing Sales 2.0.
Examples of Sales 2.0 technologies that we use or are very familiar with.
  • Salesforce.com; this is a very powerful set of tools and if you haven't checked out the functionality offered in the 2009 edition, its worth a look.
  • Landslide Technologies; get a demo if this software for a view of the future of selling.
  • LinkedIn and Xing are Sales 2.0 business networking tools which provide forums for sharing ideas.
  • HubSpot is a closed-loop Inbound Marketing tool that really does increase inbound leads....isn't this the biggest issue in selling today?
  • CogBooks is a new way of learning advanced communication, language and selling psychology skills and a tool which very effectively supplements classroom training
  • Basecamp enables collaboration and closer relationships with clients when working on complex and changing projects.
  • Gotomeeting, Webex and Glance are great tools for Webinars online demonstrations and meetings.
  • Twitter, Digg, Delicious, are social media tools for sharing ideas and connecting with interest groups.

Update August 2012.

We live in a fast changing technology World.
Since this article was written Digg is gone, Delicious is part of Avos and doing something quite different, Landslide Technologies is now part of J2 technologies and there are hundreds of social media companies.

One company that has quadrupled in the time since this was written is HubSpot and their inbound marketing methodology and integrated toolset are transforming the way marketing is done.
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