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According to a CSO Insights survey on "Optimizing Sales Performance with Consistent Message Management", companies that are world-class at integratingconsistent message sales and marketing messaging around the customer;

  • Outdistance others in quota achievement by 25%,
  • Experience win-rates 20% higher than average sales forces
  • Are 3X more successful in proposals closing to a sale
The direct-sales team and channel partners must be 100% aligned with your core message and able to engage and converse easily with targeted buyers about how your products or services can enable them to solve problems or achieve goals.

Is your sales team competent in qualifying out of deals you cannot win and closing >70% of qualified opportunities?

Are you consistently exceeding sales targets?

Would it be of value to your company if new sales hires were fully productive 3 months earlier than currently?

An effective sales process which integrates aligned sales and marketing messaging, "Sales 2.0" tools and best-practices sales training, will help prepare every business to survive and thrive in any economic climate.