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This is not an objective view of the new HubSpot CRM product, as I am a HubSpot customer and a HubSpot reseller and have not yet had the opportunity of using it. 

It is a first impression from watching the demo video. 

Based on first impressions, Bravo HubSpot!, Bravo!

The new HubSpot CRM platform finally provides one single, integrated ecosystem to manage the complete customer life-cycle and it does the CRM work for you.

The new CRM capability combined with the new Sidekick product provides context, relevant information and enables salespeople to call or email directly with HubSpot. It captures your email or phone conversation with prospects, manages the status of the deal and populates company information and key players, making it so much easier to do your job as a salesperson.

I urge you to watch the video to expand your perception of the state of sales and marketing automation.

Best of all, its free in the HubSpot product.

Watch this video from 1.15 onwards.

The First 20 years of CRM- A Painful Journey

I've been a CRM user since I started using Siebel back at Informix in 1995... it was barely usable and came with an army of consultants and a couple of months of implementation and training work.

It was not a good experience.

When I moved to MicroStrategy a couple of years later, I became a Salesforce.com user. It was a better experience than Siebel, but it still came with an army of consultants and couple of months of customization and it was a system designed to capture sales behavior, rather than help the sales rep.

I have been a Salesforce.com user on and off since then, and along the way, I have used Sugar CRM, Nimble and Siebel again. 

In all of these platforms, the salesperson is doing the work and the person who gets the benefit is the VP of Sales.

Slaves to the CRM tool

HubSpot has studied the time sales reps spend feeding content into and updating forms and forecasts to properly use the CRM tool as a system of record and capture all interactions with clients.

Sales reps spend 1 hour, 32 minutes per day on average feeding the CRM tool... and get very little in return for that effort, in fact is detracts from their productivity.

Recapturing just 30 minutes of the hour per day that salespeople waste in searching for and adapting or recreating information (IDC), will increase selling time from 37% to 43%.

What if you could free up an hour per day in time wasted searching for information and populating the CRM system?  

This is a truly exciting product!