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Lead generation has never been more difficult.

Inbound marketing, email marketing, social selling, cold calling, referral based selling; - you name it, any way that you can reliably generate quality leads that works for your business is goodness.

Today, there is more pain around prospecting and lead generation and more controversy over the methods of sourcing prospects, than any time in the history of selling.

With one in every two B2B salespeople left to their own devices to generate leads, and buyers more resistant than ever to those prospecting efforts, we thought it timely to ask the experts for their insight and advice on effective prospecting methods.

This new 100 page eBook produced by WittyParrot contains tips from 23 sales experts and practitioners that provides actionable insight for salespeople.  

Whether selling over the phone in inside sales, calling to set up a meeting in person or selling by walking around, I guarantee there will be at least one tip in this eBook that will be new to you and of value in getting appointments with prospects. Production values are high and there are some great ideas here.

I co-edited the eBook and contributed an article and I invite you to download our new Expert Prospecting Tips eBook