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I'm writing this blog because I want to update you on my current activity and share some very exciting news.

I have recently joined new Silicon Valley software company WittyParrot, as VP Marketing.

The new WittyParrot Website went live on the new HubSpot Enterprise COS last week... a great product!

Our HubSpot partnership and consulting business focusing on inbound marketing and sales and marketing messaging alignment will continue, delivering messaging alignment projects using the WittyParrot platform.

You have to see a short demo video of WittyParrot to understand what WittyParrot is and what it does, as it's quite disruptive.

WittyParrot has exciting potential for physically aligning marketing and sales messaging and to help companies speak with one voice. 
  • WittyParrot helps you collaboratively capture and maintain your Buyer Persona and Value Proposition in a Messaging Architecture hosted in WittyParrot.
  • WittyParrot enables marketers and sales enablement teams to share messaging chunks of any size or type and enrich it in sales ready messaging.
  • Crucially, WittyParrot enables salespeople to find the content they need in a couple of clicks and to simply drag and drop it into their application, email, or document to use it.
  • It has potential to free-up an hour a day of marketers and salespeople's time spent searching for and editing information to use in email and customer communication.
  • WittyParrot protects and amplifies the brand message as everyone shares and uses the same underlying messaging chunks.
  • It provides salespeople the supporting information they need for inbound sales to respond to inbound marketing leads in real-time and to enable responsive follow-up, so their emails will get read and acted on.
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