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I've been consulting on sales productivity for 12 years and published my first blog on the subject, Sales Performance Tools for Getting Started on Sales Effectiveness on my new HubSpot website in early 2008.



It's an interesting read. Some of the tools I recommended have gone, while others have gone on to massively influence the way we market and sell technology products.

What's interesting is that sales productivity is still a major problem.


The answer is that selling behavior is hard to change.

Whereas buyer behavior from 15 years ago is unrecognizable today, many sales organizations are stuck in a time-warp; living with a sales process and engagement model that is 15 years old.

My personal mission for 2016 is to transition sales reps from pitching products and using PowerPoint as a conversational crutch, to having insightful conversations with buyers about what they really care about;-  their problems and their goals!

When Pete Caputa, VP Sales at HubSpot asked me what my thoughts were on improving sales productivity in 2016, the Forrester statistic that only 1 out of 10 sales meetings with buyers are worthwhile, popped into my mind.

I contributed an article along with 46 other sales experts to Pete Caputa's article, 47 Sales Experts Predict How to Radically Improve Sales Productivity in 2016.

Whether you are a sales leader, sales development rep, or a seasoned pro, there is something of value in these articles for you.  


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