The New Rules of Sales and Marketing - Public Speech Synopsis

What's this speech about

Raising awareness of new concepts and approaches to marketing, lead generation, sales performance and sales process to improve the effectiveness of PR, improve ROI on marketing expenditure and create sustainable sales performance improvement.

Intended audience

For an audience involved in B2B product development, marketing, sales and business development. Will be of particular benefit to Angel and Venture-investors, entrepreneurs, leaders of early stage companies, marketing and business development professionals.

Key Concepts for discussion

  • The Internet and the impact on buying behaviour
  • Sales and Marketing Messaging Alignment for creating clarity and driving consultative sales conversations
  • Whiteboard story development and enablement to get everyone on the team telling the same story
  • HubSpot Inbound Marketing to get found on the Internet, convert visitors into leads and analyze and improve lead generation
  • IMPACT buying Cycle and Value-created selling to get your Killer-Products sold.
  • Case studies of successful client implementations