Selling in the Internet Age - Public Speech Synopsis

What's this speech about

The World of selling has been turned on its head in the past 5 years, with buyers now firmly in-charge. Coupled with the recession, times have never been tougher for sales people and sales leaders to produce results. Selling in the Internet Age looks at the changing sales landscape and offers salespeople, marketers and support people, new insight into how individuals and corporations buy and how they can level the playing field with buyers.

Intended audience

For a general audience involved in B2B product development, marketing, sales and support. Will be of particular benefit to customer-facing support professionals and the tips and insights can be implemented with immediate effect.

Industry statistics for discussion

  • The #1 competitor in every opportunity is "no-decision" Selling in The Internet Age
  • Industry average of deals ending in no-decision is 30%
  • Average sales quota achievement is below 50% for the first time ever
  • Annual sales staff turnover at >25%
  • Average sales ramp time to full productivity 9.5 months
  • Percentage of sales people using a formal sales process on a disciplined basis 30%
  • Average cycle time for an opportunity to close from lead capture to closure is 6 months and increasing