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Speaker Bio - Mark Gibson

"Mark sharpened our understanding of the true DNA of our company– what we are the best at, and more importantly – when (in what prospect circumstances) we are likely to beat the competition." David Gershon, CEO SuperDerivatives

Mark Gibson is successful author, consultant, trainer and speaker in the UK, US and EMEA. Born in Melbourne Australia, Mark has a 30 year track record of success in sales, marketing, sales leadership, business development and channel development roles in Australia, US, UK, and EMEA at companies including Prime Computer, Sun MicroSystems, Informix, MicroStrategy and several Silicon Valley start-ups.

Mark is the CEO of Admarco LLC, dba Advanced Marketing Concepts, an SFO Bay Area-based consulting firm providing consulting, implementation, sales training, ELearning, coaching and public speaking. Admarco advises and consults with technology companies on Marketing Messaging, Inbound Marketing, Sales Performance and Business mark gibsonDevelopment. 

Mark is a thought-leader on the integration of sales and marketing messaging to improve marketing ROI and sales performance in B2B technology companies.

Admarco's Sales and Marketing Messaging Alignment process creates clarity in Website messaging to attract inbound visitors and engagement in sales conversations with buyers.

Expert in the use of HubSpot's inbound marketing tools and methodologies to generate inbound visitors and then using the messaging to create compelling visual stories to enable salespeople to engage buyers around their issues and differentiate their capabilities.

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Recent consulting experience covers many sectors, including Technology, Financial Services, Health Care, Pharmaceutical, Telecommunications, Information Services and Education. Clients include HP, Siemens, Juniper, Schneider Electric, Magic Software, Craneware, RIM, Corning, Superderivatives.

Mark is the author of "Selling in the Internet Age", a blended learning program keynote speech(classroom training and E-Learning) to improve consultative selling skills for sales and customer-facing support professionals and extensive white papers, articles and a popular industry blog.

Mark frequently focuses on how the Internet has changed buyer behavior and offers strategies, tools and techniques for sales and marketing teams to level the playing field with buyers.

As a speaker he is a challenging and innovative thinker and critical commentator on the changing landscape in marketing and sales and offers strategies and tools to enable any company to improve marketing ROI and achieve sales performance improvement.

Current Presentations, which range from 40 minute keynote to multiple day training engagements, seminars and workshops are as follows;