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The following chart is our 4th year Sources report for HubSpot usage, - see HubSpot year 4 review. The chart shows our visitors and the conversion rate into contacts/leads.. You cant fake these numbers, you have to do the work.

hubspot 2012 sources

Inbound Marketing is central to Advanced Marketing Concepts' Marketing and Sales Performance Methodology. 
Admarco clients moving from traditional marketing to Inbound Marketing powered by HubSpot and the HubSpot methodology report a transformational impact on their business. Typically clients experience 5-times more effective inbound lead generation, significantly improved marketing productivity and measurable ROI.
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HubSpot is a Fully Integrated Inbound Marketing Platform that is receiving rapid adoption as it replaces discrete marketing tools to improve marketing productivity in one easy to use platform.

hubspot method

 Inbound Marketing refers to marketing strategies where consumers choose to learn more about you or your business. Inbound marketing visitors arrive at your site through:
  • Google or other search engine keyword search,
  • subscribing to your RSS feed,
  • downloading your case studies,
  • opting into your email newsletter,
  • watching your videos, listening to your podcasts,
  • visiting your social network pages,
  • or commenting on your blog
Advanced Marketing Concepts helps companies create clarity in their messaging as part of an Inbound Marketing Solution and to elevate the quality of 1:1 conversations with buyers around their likely business issues.

How to Create Effective Inbound Marketing Campaigns