Enableocity SKO


SKOs are formulaic and seldom challenge sellers to come out of their comfort zones and really embrace sales learning.

What if...

Your SKO has a “wow” factor, with immersive training and gamification that excites, motivates and sellers learn new and grow?


SKOs are product-heavy, comprised of session after session of Death by Powerpoint breakouts and forgettable electives.

What if...

All training sessions are hands-on, collaborative, and gamified, leading to higher retention and better team building?


The elements of surprise and continuity are missing from the SKO agenda.

What if...

SKO is designed to bind the various agenda items together, leading to a powerful crescendo of learning and retention?

A Sales Kickoff to Remember

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The Enableocity SKO is built on a proven, 3-day agenda framework that will thoroughly engage and energize direct sales and channel partners of all roles. 

The agenda blends product learning, skills development, team building, gamification, and other fun elements together in an approach that entertains as much as it educates.

Enableocity will handle all venue selection, event logistics, show production, pre-event planning, content program management, and all the other nagging details.  All you need to do is collaborate on agenda design, provide SMEs, and then get on stage at the right time.

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"It's all about planning and execution. From building an agenda to developing and writing the content of each session, to delivering the session, to managing the interaction with the teams and hosting the whole event; this is the sum of the contribution of Enableocity to the success of the SKO."

Colin Blou, SVP Sales - Claroty