Selling in the Internet Age Book 3. Salescraft Skills

Salescraft Skills


Selling in the Internet Age Book 3Salescraft Skills focuses on integrating theory of language and communication into practice and developing excellence in the daily skills used in selling.

This Elearning program focuses on the two most important aspects of selling craft, generating new business and strong diagnosis and qualification.

Through planning and running meetings, managing inbound inquiries and penetrating deeper into existing accounts the salesperson will become responsible for clear outcomes from every customer interaction.

This section contains applied communication and language skills and techniques to enable sales-people engage buyers in business conversations around their issues and the skills to handle whatever the buyer throws at them and to reach a clear outcome from every encounter.

The skills taught in this section are powerful and require advanced communication and rapport skills for effective use. Individuals may require practice in their sales branch office or coaching from an AMC certified instructor prior to using them with customers.



Being first
  • Generating new business
  • Telephone engagement
  • Referral engagement
  • Social Network Selling
  • Other lead-gen methods
  • Managing the Inbound Inquiry

Diagnosis and Qualification

  • Strong qualification metaphor
  • Pre-call planning
  • Giving and getting information
  • Rapport and elevator conversations
  • Outcomes of a sales call
  • Insightful questioning technique
  • Advanced techniques
  • Precision questioning cycle
  • Identifying Key Players
  • Negotiating a Sequence of Events


  • Learn to develop leads from social networks and referals
  • Become responsible for the outcome of every sales encounter
  • Develop strong diagnosis and qualification skill and technique, leveraging the theory of communication and language
  • Develop skill and competence in running meetings to product the outcomes you desire
  • Develop flexibility in engaging buyers in conversations and in asking insightful questions
  • Improve close-ratio through strong qualification and by identifying and engaging key stake-holders in the decision process
  • Reduce cycle time by disqualifying unqualified buyers early in the cycle

Delivery Modes, Duration, Languages

E-Learning Performance Support

  • 5 hours
  • English

Availability and Price


  • Now
  • Price $160, 12 month licence
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