Salescraft Process, IMPACT, Value Created Selling

Salescraft Process


Sales craft Process incorporates new thinking on how customers buy. In the Selling in the Internet Age Book 4Internet Age, the buyer has far more power in the buyer-seller relationship, yet many sales teams have been slow to adapt.

In this book you will develop an understanding of your current sales effectiveness and learn tools and techniques to align your selling process with the way companies buy and in the process improve your relationship with your clients.

  • You will learn breakthrough thinking from the authors of “Why Killer Products Don’t Sell” and the I-M-P-A-C-T cycle that defines the discrete steps every buyer makes to move from an idea through to making a purchase.
  • You will learn how your target-buyer’s risk profile affects the way they buy, based on their position of your products in the Technology Adoption Lifecycle and this understanding will equip you to sell to your clients more effectively.
  • You will be provided with tools and templates to download to help you align with the buyer at each step in the buying process and how when implemented will reduce cycle time and produce greater forecasting accuracy.


Sell-cycle control skills
  • Running meetings
  • Technology adoption lifecycle
  • Controlling the sales process
  • Sales process survey

IMPACT buying process

Sales Process

  • Universal sales process
  • Sales Funnel Management
  • CRM
  • Meeting Summary and Qualification
  • Terms Sheet
  • Project Plan or Sequence of Events
  • Best-practice sample Downloads


  • Understand your own selling effectiveness through a survey
  • Examine the basic selling model and why strong qualification makes sense
  • Examine your use of CRM tools and why it makes sense to use them
  • Understand the four basic buying cultures and how they affect the way people buy and the relevant steps in the IMPACT cycle.
  • Understand the transition points from one IMPACT step to the next and the role of the sales-person in facilitating each step.
  • Understand the Value-created Sale and the key to selling to the early market.
  • Understand the importance of creating gated qualification steps in the buy-sell cycle to align the buyer at each step and how to use the tools and templates to achieve alignment.

Delivery Modes, Duration, Languages

E-Learning Performance Support
  • 5 hours
  • English


  • Now
  • Price $160, 12 month licence