Selling in the Internet Age Book 1. Selling Psychology 1

Perception and Communication


Selling in the Internet Age Book 1

This book is about how we perceive the World and how we communicate with ourselves and with others to create meaning in our lives. In the first section we are invited to examine our current beliefs and how our beliefs about our World filter our perception and affect both our attitude and our behavior. We examine how we individually create our emotional state, so that we can learn to control our emotions instead of being at the effect of them. We will learn how to set meaningful and achievable goals and set some written goals to propel us on our journey.

We will examine four different communication models and the neuroscience of rapport and empathy development to develop advanced verbal and non-verbal communication skills.


Goals and Beliefs
  • Belief systems overview
  • Overcoming self limiting beliefs
  • Goal setting
  • Emotional state model
  • Attitude
Perception & Communication
  • Basic Communication Model
  • Representation Systems
  • Advanced Communication Model
  • Model of Believability
  • Non-verbal communication
  • Rapport
  • Empathy check
  • Empathic Listening Model


  • Understand how we communicate with ourselves to become a more flexible communicator
  • Understand how our beliefs affect our view of the World and how they filter our perception and performance
  • Improve 1:1 and group communication through understanding the basic communication model and develop sensory acuity based on verbal and non-verbal feedback
  • Learn the neuroscience behind rapport and empathy and practice using different techniques for developing rapport
  • Learn and practice powerful non-verbal gestures to convey emotions and meaning
  • Develop skill in listening and focusing on buyers to achieve meeting outcomes
  • Learn a goal-setting method and set goals that will help achieve short and long term goals

Delivery Modes, Duration, Languages

  • E-Learning Performance Support
  • 5 hours
  • English

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  • Price $160, 12 month licence
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