Convert your Story into a Video

The best way to have a prospect remember your messge is to combine the use of visual, auditory fields and story. 


83% of learning occurs visually, 11% by hearing and the brain processes information best through storytelling. Video optimizes all three making it crazy brain food.

When you combine audio and video message retention jumps to 65%, almost 2x more effective than video alone, and more than 6x more effective than audio alone

Before you think about hiring a video company, or putting your talking head into the frame, explore the power and simplicity of creating video using PowerPoint, Keynote or Prezi.

  • Simple addition of voice-overs make for adaptable, re-usable video that is quick to produce and easy to update/modify.
  • Simple hand drawn images, relevant quality photographs, meaningful graphics or video clips that directly connect with the story being conveyed grab attention.
  • Revealing new images as the story evolves, results in viewers that happily give 5, or 10, minutes of their time.
  • Video is embeddable, email friendly and when it tells a compelling story, produces remarkable results.

If you need help developing your story, so that it resonates with buyers, we can help.

If you need help in converting your story into polished and professional-looking video, contact us before you bring in the videographers.