Conversation Frameworks


B2B sellers spend time on opportunities that aren’t fully qualified and aren’t a good fit for the products and solutions they’re selling.

What if...

All sellers used a simple conversation framework to effectively qualify any opportunity - either remotely or in-person?


Sellers share details on products, services, and pricing far too early in the sales cycle without fully understanding prospect requirements.

What if...

Sellers keep their powder dry until the opportunity is properly qualified and they understand what to propose?


Sales cycles drag on because there isn’t a jointly-agreed-to evaluation plan to drive a timely purchase decision.

What if...

Sellers work with buyers to develop a mutually agreed timeline with activities and resources required to reach a decision?

Outcome-Driven Dialogue

The modern, B2B sales process has been the subject of countless books and training sessions that every seasoned seller has been bombarded with over the years.

So why is it that basic opportunity qualification is still so elusive?

Why are precious sales engineering resources wasted on weeks and months-long evaluations by prospects whose requirements and timeframes are completely inconsistent with the vendor’s solutions? Why isn’t there a simple cure for this qualification failure epidemic?

Enableocity finally delivers the cure in the form of a set of powerful Conversations Frameworks that ensure each B2B seller is skilled in executing FOUR key sales conversations: QUALIFY--ASSESS--PLAN--CLOSE.

Pipeline Enablement Products and Services

"Working with Enableocity, we have empowered our sellers to engage in consultative customer conversations that focus on creating a shared vision for their business— all while differentiating ourselves in the sales process. Enableocity’s Customer Storyboarding is simple, practical and actionable, and provides a repeatable approach for understanding the customer’s business, articulating our business value and establishing solution impact. Having rolled out the program globally, we are also finding that it has increased collaboration and alignment for more effective team selling."

Laura Bierbrauer Sr. Dir. Sales Enablement - Equinix