Consultative Selling Process

Why Killer Products Dont SellConsultative Selling Process for Selling Early Adopters

Failing to win the early market is a major cause of failure for start-ups and the leading cause of death of new and innovative products in established corporations. Why Killer Products Don't Sell reveals the problems associated with risk-tolerance of early adopters and Advanced Marketing Concepts provides a roadmap and tools to win the early market.
Advanced Marketing Concepts is partnered with HotRivet, the copyright holder of ideas laid out in "Why Killer Products Don't Sell". We provide:-
  • Consulting to executive teams of innovative companies on aligning their value chain to match how customers buy.
  • IMPACT Cycle and Value-created Selling training in our classroom and ELearning products. 
  • Downloadable tools and techniques to manage IMPACT Cycle transitions for predictable sales outcomes       

The IMPACT Cycle

There is a sequence of events or process that all organizations and individuals follow to reach purchasing decisions. This pathway is universal and does not vary by culture or geography as it is inextricably linked to human nature. What changes from one company to another is the speed at which organizations or individuals travel through the process. This path is known as the IMPACT Cycle.

impact cycle

The Four Buying Cultures

There are four distinct buying cultures that differ markedly from each other according to the amount of risk the buyer is prepared to assume which is governed by product assimilation in the market. 
These are;
Value Captured - A Joint Venture where the buyer-seller shares risk.

Value Created - Selling to early adopters, where the salesperson creates value for the client by leading with an opinion of how a sub-optimal condition can be solved and through a consultative selling process guides the prospect through the assessment of risk and establishes the value of their technology/product/service.

Value Added - Where the market is established, solutions are known and competiton exists, typical example is CRM as a service.

Value Offered- A commodity situation where the technology is totally assimilated, eg Laptop computer.

Selling with IMPACT Webinar

Value-Created Selling - selling to early adopters

Value-created selling is the approach taken to help a customer who has identified a problem or sub-optimal situation, to mentor and position a way forward, where risks are unknown and there is no established buying category.

In many cases the client will not be aware that a solution to its requirement exists; it takes the sellers view of the market, thought-leadership and industry insight to create understanding of how the products could be used to solve the problem and to mentor the buyer through the internal approval process.

The Value-Created selling model

 value-created selling