Consultative Selling

Consultative Selling Psychology, Skill, Process

Selling in the Internet Age Book 1

Selling in the Internet Age Curriculum

The Rules of Selling have changed, because the Internet has permanently changed the Rules of buying - and buyers have the upper hand. Every opportunity to communicate with buyers either in person, on the phone or over the Internet is precious and everyone on the team needs the skills to engage and win.

Would you send your troops into battle without the skills to fight, or the weapons to engage and win on your terms? Thousands of sales, marketing and channels teams are fighting a losing battle because of lack of skill, inability to articulate value and create buyer vision, weak sales process and poor daily discipline.
What really matters in face-face or telephone encounters with prospects and customers is ability in developing rapport, to communicate effectively and to use language to create clarity and understanding.

Communication and language theory is applied and combined with diagnostic skill and lightweight sales process to qualify the buyer at each advance seller as they build commitment through the buying process. Aligning with the buying organization at the appropriate entry point in the IMPACT cycle reduces cost of sale and wasted cycles



  • Commitment check
  • The buying cycle today
  • Technology Adoption Life-cycle
Consultative Selling Psychology 1 & 2
  • Goals and Beliefs
  • Transactional Analysis
  • Perception and Communication
  • Precision in Language
Sales-Craft Skills
  • Prospect acquisition
  • Telephone engagement
  • Network and Referral-based selling
  • Diagnosis and Qualification
  • Running Meetings
  • Identifying and accessing key players
  • Establishing Funding
  • Qualifying out
  • Closing the sale and getting the order
Sales-Craft Process
  • The Four Buying Cultures
  • IMPACT Buying Process
  • Value Created Selling
  • Why use a sales process?
  • Universal sales process
  • CRM tools
  • Buyer and seller alignment
  • Prerequisites for a qualified deal
  • Meeting summary and qualification confirmation
  • Controlling the evaluation with a project plan
  • Terms Sheet


  • Understand your current beliefs and their impact on your identity
  • Accept responsibility for your own personal-growth
  • Understand how you communicate with yourself and how to produce the results you desire
  • Understand how you communicate with others
  • Develop skills to quickly develop rapport with others
  • Create clarity in your communication with others
  • Develop skills to understand the meaning in others language
  • Become skilled in using advanced language techniques to cut-through buyer fluff and understand intent
  • Create clarity in communicating next-steps and outcomes in client communication
  • Understand the Transactional Analysis (TA) Model
  • Understand the use of TA in sales situations
  • Develop a systematic approach to lead generation if your marketing department is not providing them
  • Learn telephone skills to serve you every time you pick-up the phone
  • Develop excellence in your daily routine
  • Develop skill in strong diagnosis and qualification skills to eliminate non-qualified buyers and deals likely to end in no-decision.
  • Develop give-to-get questioning technique to understand outcomes prior to engaging in demonstrations and proposals
  • Understand the four buying modes across the Technology Adoption Lifecycle
  • Understand the IMPACT process and behaviour of buyers in each phase
  • Understand Value Created Selling and selling to the early adopter the way they buy
  • Understand your current sales process and develop go/no-go gates to qualify and align buyers at each step of the sales process.
  • Understand what it takes to get from approved vendor to trusted partner
  • Develop skills and technique to control major transitions in the sales cycle and create transparency and audit-ability and improved forecasting accuracy.
  • Adopt best-practices to increase conversion of qualified prospects to customers to >50%

Media used

  • Video introduction
  • Flash animated exercises with voiceover
  • Participatory exercises
  • Text and voice-over
  • Negotiation exercises
  • Video role-playing and feedback

Delivery Modes, Duration, Languages

  • Available as a stand-alone E-Learning program – duration 24 hours, 3 month licence
  • Classroom Instructor-led 2-3 days
  • English

Price and Availability

  • Available now
  • Price US $100 (single user) for 3 month licence
  • Instructor led classroom training – call for quote
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