Call Scripts & Email Templates


Typical email templates used by SDRs and reps are generic and far too long to be effective.

What if...

All outbound emails were personalized and tailored to the persona, industry, and use case of the prospect?


Emails aren’t opened, not fully read, and don’t result in a next action or meeting.

What if...

All emails include powerful subject lines with relevant calls to action that drive further engagement and interest?


When sellers are able to reach a prospect, the talk track is often ad-hoc and poorly executed.

What if...

Call scripts were easily accessible, customized by persona, use case, and industry, and packed with relevant insights and proof points?

Get More Meetings

Every day, fewer and fewer prospects open solicitation emails.

This puts more pressure on sellers to ensure all emails are personalized and tailored to each prospect’s background and unique needs.

LinkedIn InMail and even Text/IM need to be part of the outreach strategy.

Once a prospect is reached for the first time, the dialogue needs to be engaging, relevant and driving to a logical next step.

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