A Buyer Persona is the starting point for Messaging Alignment

Understanding Buyer Persona

Can you answer these questions:-
  1. Who are your buyers; what do they care about; what are their issues? 
  2. What are some of their goals or problems that your products and services can help resolve?
  3. How have your existing clients solved similar problems?
The first step in improving marketing performance is to thoroughly understand the needs and likely areas of interest of your target audience. This may sound obvious, but most Websites are inwardly focused on product and service features instead of engaging interested visitors around their issues.

Role-Based Buyer Persona

buyer persona 

Our Sales and Marketing Alignment process generates detailed buyer persona's to focus Internet and inbound marketing strategy and to create "buyer-relevant messaging" to elevate the standard of sales conversations.

Buyer Persona Template

The first step in this rigorous process is a brainstorming workshop where we create the buyer persona matrix, when the following questions are answered;
  1. What markets will you focus on to reach buyers?
  2. What are the roles of your target buyers (B2B) in the buying organization?
  3. What are their likely business goals that are relevant to your products/expertise?
  4. What are some of the current industry issues or competitive threats that could be impacting their ability to reach their goals?
  5. What impact could these issues have on your target buyer?
  6. Why did they buy and why did they choose not to buy your products/services?
When we truly understand the needs of our target buyers, we are in much stronger position to engage the buyer in conversations about their issues, which in turn enables us to create differentiation in the mind of the buyer.

Sales & Marketing Alignment Webinar