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After reading the feature entitled “4 CSO Actions to Navigate the Pandemic in 2021” in Gartner’s The Chief Sales Officer Q2 2021 report, I discovered and used two new software products that fit the bill under recommended Action 3: Increase digital marketing and technology investments.

The theme Gartner is emphasizing is the shift to digital buying.  B2C buying experiences are rapidly shaping B2B buying expectations and therefore the need to use technology to enhance the sales and marketing experience. 

Increase Digital Marketing and Technology Investments 

According to the authors of the Gartner paper, “A seamless omnichannel buying experience depends on a variety of integrated technology platforms. CSOs must drive competitive differentiation in a digital world by increasing their investment in digital marketing and sales technology capabilities.  Prioritize this action if you are able to secure an incremental budget or reallocate existing budget to digital marketing and technology investments”

Qwilr Proposal Landing Page

Acme Qwilr

To provide context, this follows the actions CSOs are taking in 2021 as they explore new growth opportunities and adapt to digital buying trends expedited by the pandemic. 

One of these trends Brent Adamson highlighted in his June CSO Conference keynote is to provide a purely digital buying experience for the changing buying preferences of a new generation of millennial buyers, the majority of whom would prefer to purchase B2B products without having to deal with salespeople.

Another trend Brent Adamson, Gartner’s distinguished analyst referred to in his CSO keynote last month, was to help sellers make more effective use of technology to facilitate buying group decisions and to upskill reps so they are more effective at virtual selling and more interesting and valuable to B2B buyers in the moments that matter during the buying process.

The Products


Foleon helps you create immersive content experiences at scale that perform throughout the customer journey. Rise above the digital noise with content that's engaging, intelligent, and scalable.  If you want to experience the future and exactly what Gartner is talking about, click on the Foleon Sales Enablement job specification welcome.  Contrast that experience with this typical description for the same job.  You decide!


Qwilr is a simple and intuitive quoting and proposal tool that helps sales teams sell more and look better with less effort.  We have been experimenting with different tools to improve how we engage buyers who are interested in a proposal or statement of work and my CEO Corey Sommers suggested I look at Qwilr.  I had a proposal overview that I was working on and so I signed up for a 14-day free Qwilr trial.  Within a couple of hours and a couple of chat-support calls I had converted my boring Powerpoint proposal overview into an actual proposal with a signature page and T’s and C’s and a Stripe payment option.   Here is a link to a brief Qwilr demo.

Naturally, Qwilr has all of the modern capabilities you would expect, from view tracking to a quotation tool, document signing, and taking payments.

Still Sending PowerPoint and .pdf's?

If you are still sending PowerPoint and .pdf’s and your competition is sharing beautiful Qwilr or Foleon docs, I know what the buyer’s perception is likely to be…. “these guys are from the last century, vs. this is what I want my team doing from now on!”

These are just two examples that fit the Gartner recommendation, and there are probably hundreds more out there. 

If you are a sales, marketing, or customer success leader or sales enablement professional, instead of the instinctive, “no-thanks”, or “we-have-that-covered”, when contacted by sales development, it’s worth parsing through the plethora of opportunities to “grab 20-minutes” so that you are current with rapidly emerging technologies.  Why don't you grab 20 minutes with us and we can show you how you can differentiate in moments that matter.

I want to upskill my team for the moments that matter!