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You have been directed by your CEO to work from home for at least the next four weeks, but your sales VP did not give you a pass on bringing in the numbers for the next two quarters. What are you going to do differently? 

  • How can you turn this home isolation into a competitive advantage?
  • What skills do you need to develop?
  • What techniques do you need to learn to be even more effective in your home office?
  • What changes can you make to how you sell in your home office environment that differentiate you from your competitors?

Selling remotely is a fact of life today and like it or not, as sales professionals, we must take the time to learn the techniques, master remote selling skills and create an environment in our home offices that is conducive to conducting video meetings with prospects and customers.

This informative 5-minute video from Enableocity CEO Corey Sommers is packed with useful information on what is needed to prepare your office to make great sales calls from home. The video provides tips on creating a writing surface in your office that is second to none, how to control lighting, video camera options and microphone options.

Setting up Home Office

If your team needs help with communication skills development, on-camera technique and effective qualification, Enableocity Remote Selling Mastery could be an immediate way of improving performance.

This workshop is delivered 100% remotely and all participants will be immersed in the skills, methods and technique using one of three prospect scenarios. On conclusion of the workshop, salespeople can put their new skills to work immediately.

We hope you find the video on setting up your home office studio useful. If you do, please share it with friends. 

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