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Corey Sommers, Enableocity CEO is interviewed by Rob Jeppsen in the Xvoyant Sales Leadership Podcast Series, sponsored by Outreach.io.

corey sommers sales leadership podcast

To listen, download it and play in on your preferred podcast player.

In this wide-ranging discussion Corey and Rob cover the following topics:

  • How to become more productive when selling remotely by setting up an effective home-studio in your bedroom, kitchen or person-cave and by developing empathy and listening skills to set you apart.
  • The importance of experiential learning and certification when training salespeople remotely.
  • The importance of gamification and leader boards to keep focus in an environment where distractions abound and no-one can see you.
  • Creating situational fluency to engage and build trust with buyers
  • The elements of situational fluency are:
    • Knowing the issues your target persona is struggling with,
    • Knowing the industry you are selling into,
    • Knowing the use-cases for your technology
    • Knowing who you are competing against,
    • Knowing the win stories of how similar buyers have overcome similar problems,
    • Knowing how your product truly creates value for the buyer circumstance
  • The importance of sellers to practice their communication and master their message using tools like Presentr.me that uses AI to give feedback and coaching on body language, gestures, tonality, pace, words used and words to avoid.

We hope you enjoy the Podcast.

Corey invites you to visit our Website and to dial-in your enablement priorities and select the services you need to overcome your challenges.