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Lackluster results from virtual selling?

In a world where virtual selling is the norm, is NOW the time to invest in the long-term capabilities of your sales team?  If not now, when?

Would next year be a better time to start to improve virtual selling efficacy?  I'm sure your competitors think this a good idea.

In the first 6-months of the pandemic, companies that equipped sellers' for virtual selling at home outperformed those who did not.

A recent HubSpot survey found that 64% of sales leaders who invested in their teams virtual selling setup, achieved quota. For those that did not, only 50% achieved their quota. The difference between these groups is stronger “virtual presence”.

In the same survey, 72% of over-performing sales leaders said that virtual meetings have been as, or more effective than face-to-face meetings.

OMG Video Proficient Assessment

Objective Management Group (OMG) has evaluated more than two million salespeople.

Based on data from more than 100,000 evaluations over the past twelve months, only 42% of all salespeople are “Video Proficient.”  Is there a correlation between video proficient sellers and sales effectiveness?

OMG Video Proficiency Survey
video proficiency

The top 10% of all salespeople are 680% more proficient with video than the bottom 10%.  One might also think that younger salespeople would score higher on Video Proficient.  Not so!
Those who have been in sales for more than ten years are 160% more likely to be Video Proficient.

A major cause of the poor virtual selling performance is the lack of training and equipment required for great virtual presence. Additionally, no standards exist for what "good" virtual presence looks like.

What is virtual presence?

Virtual presence builds on a video proficient foundation and enables:

  • authentic connection
  • effective communication

  • an ability to influence the thinking and behavior of others, when not physically present, and it includes
  • synchronous and asynchronous communication

Why is it important?

When most of us no longer meet in-person, video conferencing allows us to be face to face on the nearest computer screen.

Virtual presence is the medium by which we build trust, show competence, listen, ask questions and communicate ideas.

Buyers have always looked sellers in the eye and sensed whether they are trustworthy and if there is a connection. No longer in the same room, doesn’t mean they no longer need to trust us and connect with us.

Who cares?

  •  Sales leaders DON'T care!  Until sales leaders see how badly their teams' virtual presence compares to elite performers, they are unlikely to invest. 

  • Marketing leaders DO care; because virtual presence contributes to brand mojo.
  • CEO’s care a GREAT DEAL; because a sales team with a great virtual presence and strong brand mojo will trounce a competitor without it. 

Can we improve Virtual Presence?

Virtual presence can improve and fast! 
But it requires a video proficient foundation. This means investing in equipment, skills, and techniques including:

  • A home office setup where salespeople can do good work for 8 hours with minimal distractions

  • Equipment upgrades include video-camera, lighting, and high-quality microphone
  • Tuning your setup so that lighting, camera angle, sound, and background contribute to clear communication
  • Investing in a virtual background that shows your brand in a consistent and compelling way

  • Teaching salespeople new visual communication techniques and skills
  • Company standards for what “good virtual presence” looks like
  • Mentoring salespeople to appear on-camera with confidence, energy, enthusiasm and dressed for success

Where to from here?

  1. Invest in your team’s virtual selling environment for the long-haul

  2. Set company standards for “Good” virtual presence

  3. Train sales managers - they go first

  4. Managers track and mentor their team's virtual presence

  5. Train and certify your team to engage buyers in a way that takes your brand mojo from "meh" to awesome!

    I want more Mojo in our virtual selling presence!