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Remote Selling has Never Been More Relevant

We’ve seen the headlines about cancelled trade shows and sales meetings. Is this the new reality or a temporary panic? It really doesn’t matter because the concept of remote selling has been gaining traction over the last couple of years with the advent of truly viable video conferencing services. Remote selling makes total sense when done correctly. Buyers also appreciate the ease of joining a remote session compared to reserving conference room space and other logistics for onsite meetings. But how can we improve remote selling outcomes and become more effective in using this medium?

HubSpot Video

Zoom’s video conferencing solution was a major advance in making remote selling easy and effective. The company nailed three key elements to make selling remotely a seamless and viable experience:

  1. Super high quality HD video and audio
  2. Ease of use for both hosts and attendees
  3. Consistent quality and reliability

Now we have great video quality and clarity, why would a salesperson not want to turn on their camera? Shy maybe, lacking confidence maybe? Zoom and Chorus.ai reviewed data on hundreds of thousands of sales calls and found that win-rates improve by 9% if both parties have their cameras on during their video conference.

Remote Selling Pitfalls

With the technology piece covered, it’s now all about how good the salesperson is on camera and in engaging the buyer. But there are a number of pitfalls that we observe sellers falling into that impact the outcomes of their remote meetings, these include:

  • Poor Environment

Most remote sellers don’t take the time to ensure their remote selling environment is properly set up. Lighting is poor, the camera angle all wrong, and the audio not coming through loudly enough, or the mic. sounds like it's in a bucket. The impression on the prospect is equally underwhelming.

  • Improper use of tools

Many remote sellers aren’t fully aware of the range of features available to them in their video conferencing systems, and how to properly use them. There are some common tips and tricks that can turn novice remote sellers into pros with some simple guidance, instruction, and practice. In some situations, features are used that can actually HURT the overall experience for the prospect.

  • No Agenda For First Meeting

Whether remote or in person, many B-2-B sellers “wing it” when conducting an initial discovery call. Agenda items aren’t captured. Qualification is incomplete. And it’s often a “show up and throw up” session that’s more about the seller’s offerings than the prospect’s needs.

  • No Follow Up

Follow-up after the first meeting is critical, whether or not the opportunity has the potential to move forward. But many B-2-B sellers do not follow up in a timely or complete fashion, and lack the right cadence to “follow up on the follow-up”.

Remote Selling Mastery

Enableocity has developed a ½ day training course called Remote Selling Mastery that addresses all of these issues and more. The entire course is delivered remotely, and all attendees can also attend remotely.

At the end of the course, sellers will be proficient in how to run stellar remote sales meetings, with great follow-up process that qualifies buyers in, or out, with 90% accuracy. Enableocity’s unique Qualification approach - which is included as part of this course - will broaden the scope of deals and shorten sales cycles.

I want more Mojo in our virtual selling presence!