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In our TruScribe-Enableocity Remote Selling Visual Engagement Best Practices Webinar last week, we demonstrated a new way of qualifying remote buyers using a whiteboard or tablet, to add a visual dimension to the conversation.

This is an essential remote selling skill that builds trust and helps buyer and seller align and qualify interest and intent effectively.  When the meeting concludes we have a visual record of the conversation on the whiteboard.

Adding a visual dimension to your meeting summaries.

By taking a photograph of the completed whiteboard after your meeting, or saving and exporting the digital image on the tablet, you have a visual image of your conversation.

When you embed this image in your follow-up meeting summary or “qualification confirmation letter", you have a powerful visual summary of your meeting and a call to action that you must review with the buyer within a few days after the meeting to confirm mutual understanding and commitment to next steps.

The meeting summary is not a new technique. Mike Bosworth created a very effective meeting summary followup technique for qualifying buyers and published it in 1995 in “Solution Selling.”  This book is now out of print, but the idea was republished in “Customer Centric Selling”, now in its second edition, published by McGraw Hill in 2010.  I’ve been using the approach outlined in the book as a best-practice to follow up every meeting ever since and have found it to be 90% effective in qualifying buyers.  I recommend that you adopt it immediately if you are not already using something similar.

Enableocity 4-box remote qualification method.

Coincidentally, Enableocity’s 4-box method for Remote Whiteboard Qualification roughly aligns with the format Bosworth and Holland suggest.

Our remote whiteboard qualification conversation process is as follows:

  • Prologue: The meeting starts with a sales prologue to capture the questions the buyer would like answered in the meeting.  This builds rapport and trust - the insight here is to run the meeting around the buyer’s questions, not your agenda or product-pitch.  You will differentiate in how you sell using this technique.  Again it’s not new, but is almost forgotten and largely unknown. (The next article in this series details the sales prologue concept and provides verbiage you can use to powerfully open your remote meetings)
  • Drivers: When those questions have been answered at a high level, the conversation shifts to engage the buyer in conversation to capture the current state in their organization and what is driving change.  What is the urgency?  Is there a compelling event?
  • Vision: The next step is to capture the buyer’s vision of a future state.  What does perfect look like?  We can contribute here to help the buyer bring clarity to that vision by using stories about how our customers achieved a similar vision end state.  You can alternately pause here to highlight which elements of the stated vision are aligned with your offerings and services, highlighting those items in a different color.
  • Impact: Next, the buyer explores the impact that the future vision if realized would have on the organization.  Another way to think of this section is, “what is the cost of doing nothing?”
  • Alternate approaches: Finally we ask the buyer to share alternative approaches to achieving their future state.  This could include other vendors they are evaluating.
  • Next Steps: The meeting concludes with a commitment to next steps and an agreement to review your summary of the meeting (the meeting summary letter) within a few days of the meeting.  It is important to set the time for a brief review meeting with the buyer before the meeting concludes.

Example Meeting Summary Template and image taken from the webinar demonstration.

meeting summary

If you would like to download the 4-box meeting-summary template, click this 4-box meeting summary template  link for an immediate download. If you you would like to learn more about using whiteboards to add a visual dimension to remote meetings, click the sign me up button and share your email address with us and we will give you access to the Remote Meeting webinar recording, product demonstrations and a template Meeting Summary letter you can adapt for your business.

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