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If your sales team is not using content like this to engage buyers they are missing a trick. Even if you are not in Cybersecurity, this article is instructive and comes with a proforma spark-email

The Mandiant M-Trends 2020 Report published last week is compulsory reading for cybersecurity professionals and salespeople selling into the cybersecurity market.

The Mandiant 2019 investigation reports and research highlights how little things have changed over the past 10 years in terms of attack vectors and defensive methods. There is some good news though and that is that attackers are being discovered sooner, with dwell times an average of 78 days vs. 101 days the prior year.

This years report highlights four significant trends;

  1. It's going to get worse. Ransomware is on the rise as it is readily available-as-a-service and cybercrime groups that historically targeted PII and credit card information are turning to ransomware for generating secondary revenue.
  2. A significant increase in public attribution is being performed by governments and the report identified two new APT’s from North Korea (APT 37, 38), APT 39 from Iran, and APT 40 from China. It also highlights Russian cyber-espionage actors brazen global operations against political and international organizations
  3. As customers move to software-as-a-service and cloud, attackers are following the data with attacks against cloud providers, telecoms, and other organizations with access to large amounts of data.
  4. If you’ve been breached once, you are much more likely to be targeted again and possibly suffer another breach.

This report emphasizes a need for what it terms Proactive Remediation by enhancing four key security controls: General posturing, Privileged Account Management, Active Directory hardening, Endpoint hardening.

For an example of how to turn this article into an email to spark engagement with a prospective buyer, click the link for an immediate download of a proforma Mandiant 2020 Spark Email your team could use to engage around this report.

If your team is not using content to sell, then they are missing a major opportunity to engage buyers with high value content and insight.

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