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The following is the edited transcript of the video and it will be of interest to salespeople, enablement and sales leaders.

Hi, I’m Mark Gibson with Enableocity, we're an enablement-as-a-service company. I want to share a couple of key ideas with you today that are very relevant in this post-COVID world we live in.



Virtual Selling Skills

The first concept is around virtual selling skills. Now a lot of people think that virtual selling is about “how can I get my team better at presenting over Zoom”. That' s not it. The secret to virtual selling is to bring a visual dimension into your conversations.  That visual dimension enables you to engage the buyer in a visual conversation about their issues initially, - and about what's driving change in the organization.  Then drawing out the buyer’s objectives and helping the buyer to create a vision for what a future state could look like.  Next, helping them examine the impact of change or more importantly the impact of not changing.  And finally, helping the buyer to examine the risks of various alternative approaches.  So that's virtual selling and this is the Enableocity 4-box Qualification Framework.

Qualification Confirmation

When we've completed the conversation with the buyer, we take a photograph of the whiteboard and we embed this image in the meeting summary letter and the meeting summary goes out to the buyer with a visual record of the conversation.

The meeting summary with the visual capture of the conversation walks around the organization when you're not there and it's very powerful.  I've used it for more than 15 years and can confirm qualification at >90% effectiveness, so, no more weak-qualification in your selling process.  That was the first concept, the second concept is the “why-change” conversation.

The “Why -Change” Conversation

This is super important today when budgets are out the window, when buying is in disarray, where organizational priorities are in flux or frozen and where buyer’s in companies are having difficulty making buying decisions and getting through a purchasing or buying process.

In 2007-8-9 when we had the global financial crisis, there was only one selling behavioral-type of salesperson that was successful and they were the “challenger” sales people.

“Challenger salespeople” went into organizations where the buyer was at rest, or status-quo.  Through the gift of commercial insight, they would teach the buyer a new perspective.  This is a vendor-neutral conversation and it's about the business value of changing what they're doing today to a future state and that is driven by commercial insight.  Commercial insight is hard to calculate and it isn't necessarily about the the problem, it's usually related to the cause or the underlying deep structural-causes of the problem and you must understand it and the commercial impact on the organization, before you can have this conversation.  Once the buyer accepts that they MUST change and that there is value in changing to a future state, only then are buyers receptive to hearing about you products and salespeople can have the “Why-Me” conversation.

Unfortunately, most salespeople today are only trained to have the “why-me” conversation, because it's all about me and my wonderful products.  That's one of the reasons why so many salespeople in the world today are struggling.

So in summary, two things that can help you, firstly, adding this visual dimension to your virtual selling using a whiteboard or tablet, and secondly mastering the “Why-Change” conversation.

Good luck with your selling.

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