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Building Sales Playbooks? Join Enableocity's Playbook Factory Partner Beta Program

Enableocity Playbook Factory will be of interest to B2B messaging and sales enablement consultants & marketing agencies that develop sales content and need a digital playbook platform to accelerate message capture and omni-channel digital delivery of relevant micro-content to the point of use. We are looking for 8-10 organizations or consultants to participate in our Free Beta Program for our new solution, Playbook Factory. If you are building a playbook or have an existing one, check out this short video.

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Playbook Factory - brief overview

Over the past 9 months Enableocity’s team has been developing a new capability to increase the productivity of consultants and enablement team’s developing sales Playbooks. We as consultants built many Playbooks using Google spreadsheets and slides, which was a tedious and laborious task. In addition, we still had the gap of delivery channels for the Playbook content that enabled seamless access to Sales teams and end-user apps such as Gmail, Outlook, Salesforce, etc. As a result we decided to build the Playbook Factory for consultants as well as enablement teams to automate the production of Playbooks as well as provide both print and branded digital delivery channels.

Playbook Factory automates content ingestion and classification of existing content, and captures input from remote SME’s and makes it easy to tap into tacit sales knowledge trapped in people's heads. Playbook Factory is flexible and can leverage industry standard, pre-built sales enablement frameworks, as well as your own frameworks and terminologies with an editorial and collaborative model to quickly curate and publish conversational sales content and sales knowledge. Playbook Factory makes it easy to clone and rebrand versions of playbooks for channel partners.

Why join Playbook Factory beta

Anyone who has been engaged in developing sales playbooks knows it’s a heavy lift and a time-consuming process to marshal resources that can take months to complete. Prior to Playbook Factory we created customer sales playbooks in Google Docs and it was a cumbersome, complex and time consuming job that required real attention to detail with so much content.

We took key design ideas from our prior process and experience and built them into Playbook Factory so that you as a content creator building a playbook can immediately leverage best-practices frameworks, a sophisticated remote collaboration model, and a publishing model that makes it so much easier to create and maintain sales playbooks.

Beta Program Overview

  • Enableocity is offering a limited number of beta licenses of Playbook Factory free-of-charge for one year.
  • We will train and support your initial onboarding and consult if required on your initial Playbook implementation.
  • After 12 months we will provide Playbook Factory at our standard partner rates and you will price Playbook Factory with your required margins as part of your consulting or implementation project.

How does the Beta Program work

  • Signup here to set up an initial discussion with us on your current services and how you plan to use Playbook Factory. Provided there is a fit, we will provision access so that you can begin hands on training and explore existing frameworks and methodologies.

What can I expect if I sign up.

  1. On signup, we will hold an initial meeting to understand your objectives, demonstrate the product (if aligned) and discuss go-to-market strategy and support for your selling efforts.
  2. You will provide feedback on the product as well as influence the product roadmap with relevant features and capabilities to meet both your and your customer’s needs.
  3. You will sign a beta agreement and NDA and we will provision access to Playbook Factory.
  4. You will be invited to attend Playbook Factory Bootcamp Webinar
  5. We will execute a joint press release on our partnership and address your target market to create awareness.

Find out more about our Playbook Factory free beta program