Bespoke Sales Learning Events


One-size-fits-all training events have a negative impact when sellers are cajoled into presentations and boring roleplay exercises.

What if...

You could select the right combination of engaging workshops, so sellers can use what they learn the next day?


Marketers send thousands and salespeople send hundreds of emails on a weekly basis, but open rates are abysmal and a miniscule percentage are acted upon.

What if...

Sales enablement teams work closely with product management to create learning opportunities, but struggle to make it stick?


You have a strong team, but lack the domain knowledge and experience to up-level seller skills in critical soft-skills.

What if...

You could combine the right set of soft skills training to empower a growth mindset and exercise critical emotional intelligence skills?

Training to win

Enableocity principals have created and delivered thousands of hours of sales learning events for global sales audiences over the past 25 years.  We have created modular learning programs that are listed in the a la carte section of the leanning and gamification services.

We invite you to discuss creating custom sales learning events by combining a la carte modules that will develop skills your team needs to improve sales effectiveness.   We will fully customize the learning outcomes to suit your teams’ unique situation. “Off-the-shelf” is not a term we understand or use at Enableocity.

We also work with a number of skilled coaching partners who can help provide situationally-specific coaching solutions.

Other Enableocity Event Offerings:


"Looking for ways to optimize our global sales kick-off, and the learning opportunity that it represents, we partnered with Enableocity to deliver a hands-on training session that blended role play, best-practice sharing, and some healthy competition. This session helped sellers take their consultative selling skills to the next level, proving to be one of our highest rated breakouts."

Laura Bierbrauer, Sr. Dir. Sales Enablement - Equinix