B2B Buying Process - A Sales Guide eBook

Does your sales team truly know how your customers buy?buyers_journey_cover

Can they answer questions buyers pose, that must be answered at each transition in the buying process?

Companies that exceed expectations in their understanding of the customer buying process:

  • Experience higher win rates,
  • Lose less often and less deals end in no-decision
  • Experience a 33% lower SaaS churn rate.

Companies with a formal sales process aligned to how customers buy, experience a 14% higher quota achievement and revenue plan attainment.

Purpose/Outcomes: This 28 page eBook will help create an understanding of the B2B buying process, not through the lens of the sales funnel, but based on what’s actually going on in the buying organization. 

This eBook will help salespeople to understand how to facilitate the buying process.

Available for immediate download.