Our Team

Mark Gibson |  Jim Burns

Mark Gibson - Founder, CEO, Currently full-time Senior Director of Sales Enablement at Centrify

MG201935 years in sales, sales enablement, sales management, business development, marketing, consulting in the technology business in Australia, EMEA and 13 years in Silicon Valley.

Established Advanced Marketing Concepts sales and marketing consultancy business in UK in 2004, relocated back to Silicon Valley in late 2010 to help companies achieve the following 6 Enterprise Content Competencies
  • Understanding of buyers, how and why they buy
  • Conversation Support -- your selling vision, "point-of-view," story line and key messages to support conversations across the buying cycle.
  • Use Case Requirements definitions, so people create content that performs better (this also helps justify content investments).
  • People Support -- from subject experts who provide critical inputs, to content creators, as well as content users
  • Content Operations -- to deliver quality, audience relevant and useful outputs, quickly and continuously, in versions and formats for designated channels, at scale -- affordably!
  • Infrastructure and Tools

Specialties: Messaging and content development and deployment, Inbound Marketing, Sales Enablement.

Robin Russell - Director, Sales and Marketing

Robin Russell began her career in communications working for a major American broadcasting company. Her televised program interviewed local, national and international cultural and political leaders.

Insurance - Robin moved into the insurance market for the next 15 years, which offered an opportunity to use her combined skills.
She developed and implemented new strategic plans, which included changes to the product mix. Her team out-performed all other regions, and she became the top producer worldwide in 1988.
Robin won the company's highest achievements and the first woman in the company's near century old history to achieve this distinction.

Community - Robin has contributed to community and environment by leading marketing, fund raising, and development activities at Stanford University, Cantor Arts Center; Menlo Park School. Robin received the Key to the City Award from the Town of Atherton for her contributions to public art in 2002.

Education - From 2004-2006 Robin was the Director of Marketing and Development for St Leonards School in St Andrews. She led the Independent School's efforts to re-position itself through a new image, business messaging, and collateral development. St Leonards was voted Scottish Independent School of the Year in 2005.

Admarco - Robin has been a director in Admarco - Advanced Marketing Concepts since 2004 and has co-developed the company's Sales and Marketing Performance Improvement program and successfully implemented this dynamic process in a broad spectrum of business sectors.

US- Ohio State University
UK- University of Oxford