About Us

We help Sales & Enablement leaders overcome growth constraints to improve sales outcomes.

We bring sales content to life with experiential learning, gamification, & events to drive adoption.

We do this by integrating proven methods, frameworks and technology As-a-Service.

It’s all about knowing, and not guessing what works.



To enable salespeople around the world to achieve their full potential."






We believe that sales enablement is a revenue generation engine.



Transparent with customers and within our team.



Everything we do is in service of our customer's success and we guarantee our work.


Hard work

We know how to get stuff done under tight deadlines.



Trust is earned over a lifetime of engagements.



We contribute a percentage of our profits to the National Cancer Support Community.

Our Team

corey sommers

Corey Sommers

Corey Sommers

Corey is one of the early pioneers of the discipline of Field Enablement within high technology, with over 15 years of dedicated Field Enablement experience in his 30-year career, including key roles at BMC Software, VMware, and Couchbase.

He created the first, purpose-built, Sales Enablement software solution back in 1997. 

Corey is the co-author of an Amazon best selling book Whiteboard Selling - Empowering Sales Through Visuals about one of the most important skills in high tech sales - Visual Story Telling.

This background translates into a singular passion for providing B-2-B, high tech sellers with the right mix of training, automation, and tools to increase their productivity, efficiency, and effectiveness.

Anil jwalanna

Anil Jwalanna

Anil Jwalanna

Anil is an entrepreneur and technology visionary behind Enableocity's product and platform strategy.

Anil has built and managed SaaS and technology product platforms at start-ups and large enterprises for over 15 years. Anil holds business degrees from the U.C. Berkeley Haas School of Business and Columbia University's Business School.

danielle garvey

Danielle Garvey

Danielle Garvey

Danielle is not afraid to color outside of the lines and is always ready for a new challenge. Her career path is proof - a variety of roles that taught her everything from developing happy employees to managing the intricate details of world-class SKOs.

By the time she co-founded Enableocity, 5 world-class SKOs were flawlessly executed under her watch.  Now, she’s bringing all those experiences together to help B-2-B technology companies execute stellar events, while at the same time managing  operations at Enableocity.

mg head bw-1

Mark Gibson

Mark Gibson

Mark began consulting on sales performance challenges in 2004, founding Advanced Marketing Concepts in the UK. A veteran of Prime Computer, Sun Microsystems and Microstrategy, Mark recently served 3-years at Centrify as Head of Sales Enablement.

Mark strongly believes in the holistic development of salespeople and that soft-skills, selling psychology and a lifelong learning mindset are critical success factors.

An inbound marketing pioneer, Mark truly understands the modern marketing and sales challenge. He continues to drive Inbound Marketing at Enableocity on our HubSpot platform as well as developing new customers and delivering training and consulting around Enableocity products.

Mark brings to Enableocity a passion for sales enablement, best practices frameworks and training workshops and techniques for developing a mindset and skillset for sales success.


Our Partners

  • sale source logo

    SalesSource is a strategic Revenue Operations and Inside Sales advisory firm.

    We focus on helping B2B technology companies establish a scalable sales organization through the combination of sales process development, technology integration and best practice training

  • salesforlife

    Sales for Life was founded in 2004 with one goal – to become the most trusted sales resource for its customers. During our journey, we’ve had the privilege of serving thousands of sales professionals and Leaders around the world, from start-ups to Fortune 50 corporations.

  • salesforce

    Commencing in 1999, pioneered cloud-based CRM software and have helped 150,000+ companies run their companies more effectively.

    Enableocity has developed several solutions in Salesforce to improve sales productivity and efficiency such as Playbook Content Widget, SCRUBIT Sales Qualification Tool, etc..

    Playbook Content Widget, contextual widget to deliver the relevant content in context based on the attributes of an opportunity such as buyer persona, competitor, industry, etc. It is critical to ensure that the Salespeople deliver relevant and effective messages to the prospects. Ability to find relevant content in the context of an opportunity is a daunting task and may lead to inconsistencies. Enableocity’s embedded widgets inside Salesforce opportunity delivers the relevant content in context based on the attributes of the opportunity such as buyer persona, competitor, industry, etc. In addition to contextual content access, CRM widgets enable Salespeople to navigate through the entire playbook as well as search for additional content necessary in the entire repository

    SCRUBIT, a Sales Qualification Framework and Methodology that help Salespeople with guided questions and conversation with prospects coupled with a scoring mechanism to assess and qualify the lead effectively. SCRUBIT is built into Salesforce lead and contact objects and creates pre-qualified opportunities automatically based on scoring. Use this B-Roll video as background

  • hubspot

    HubSpot offers more than software. Whether it’s apps, services, or education, the HubSpot ecosystem has everything you need to put your customer at the center of your business. We use and recommend HubSpot for emerging companies who want to simplify their tech stack and gain the productivity benefits from a fully-integrated inbound marketing, CRM and Services hub. HubSpot can help you scale operations rapidly, adding enterprise capabilities seamlessly when ready.and Hubspot helps educate your team at each step of the journey.

  • xvoyant

    XVoyant is a World-class sales coaching company that combines best-in-class methodology integrated with a native SFDC coaching platform to transform the sales-manager - rep 1:1 from a “soft skill” to a direct driver of sales performance at the team and individual level.

    With Xvoyant, you will have a clear understanding of the impact each sales manager has with each member of their team. to:

    • Drive revenue per rep

    • Coach the coaches to create predictable improvement

    • Measure the coachability of every rep

  • gong

    Conversations are the basis of human connection. We believe that by improving them, we improve the outcomes for the human beings who have them. That’s why our life’s mission is perfecting the science of conversations. So far, it seems to be working. But don’t take our word for it.

    Customers sometimes ask, “How do we know reps are using the content we spent weeks creating?” provides the answer. By analyzing sales conversations in Gong, marketers tweak playbook content and sales managers can coach reps on using best practices dialogue, positioning and objection handling captured in the Playbooks.

  • chorus

    Chorus is passionate about voices, language, technology, and the conversations that matter. Today there is no record or understanding of the countless conversations we have every day, their effectiveness or their outcomes. In an age of Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence, conversations between a business and its market are the most human, valuable, yet ignored source of data on your customer's needs and how you serve them and sell to them.

    Customers sometimes ask, “How do we know reps are using the content we spent weeks creating?” provides the answer. By analyzing sales conversations in Chorus, marketers tweak playbook content and sales managers can coach reps on using best practices dialogue, positioning and objection handling captured in the Playbooks.

  • avitage

    Avitage helps B2B sales and partner organizations execute a complex, solution or value selling model. Our clients create value for their customers, and differentiate from competitors, through how they sell. This requires the right knowledge, insight-based conversations, and situation-specific sales content:

    • Sales Conversations – critical conversations for key engagement points are designed and documented as conversation frameworks 
    • Sales Content Requirements -- a methodology to analyze and define sales knowledge, communication and conversation support, and situation-specific information required for optimal sales performance
    • Sales Content Specifications -- requirements are documented as detailed specifications. Specifications guide non-sales, creative content developers to produce the right sales content the right way.

    When organizations incorporate the right knowledge, shared learning, and performance support into daily activities and systems they experience breakthrough results in sales performance.

    A conversation is the best way to understand the implications and potential impact for your business. Schedule a Conversation