Advanced Marketing Concepts - A B2B Sales Enablement Consultancy

Our "Why"

Sales enablement is an emerging discipline, brought about by the complications in selling to Internet savvy buyers and the resulting industry-wide sales performance problem, where on average 47% of salespeople fail to achieve their goals. The typical marketing and sales silos that exist in most companies exacerbate the problem as salespeople struggle with "product-speak" to engage and create value in their interactions with buyers who are trying to solve business problems.

We help you to capture and clearly communicate value in the form of share-able and reusable messaging frameworks and useful content to engage buyers across the buying cycle. We convert this content, together with customer stories into playbooks, conversations, whiteboard stories and hands-on consultative selling workshops to help salespeople become situationally to engage and create value for buyers.

These elements enable your sales and marketing teams to engage prospective customers when visiting your Website and in conversation with your salespeople.


B2B sales and marketing organizations with a complex, solution oriented sale, get more out of their content and content investments with services from Admarco in partnership with content specialist Avitage

This means improving content quality, and the ability to deliver a constant stream of content to meet key requirements for ALL customer facing constituents.

This means not only marketing, but also sales, your channel, customer service and HR (talent acquisition) for example.

A conversation would be worthwhile if you are looking to improve your:

  • Understanding of buyers, how and why they buy
  • Conversation Support -- your selling vision, "point-of-view,"  storyline and key messages
  • Use Case Requirements definitions, so people create content that performs better (this also helps justify content investments)
  • People Support -- from subject experts who provide critical inputs, to content creators, as well as content users
  • Content Operations -- to deliver quality, audience relevant and useful outputs, quickly and continuously, in versions and formats for designated channels, at scale -- affordably!
  • Infrastructure and Tools

Core Competencies

  • Sales and Marketing Messaging Alignment to identify buyer-persona and core value creation to drive inbound marketing and sales conversations that differentiate you vs. competition.
  • Inbound Marketing implementation using to generate more ofHubSpot partner
    the right kind of traffic and convert visitors into leads
  • Sales Enablement using the WittyParrot platform to capture tribal knowledge and deliver relevant content.
  • Storytelling using the Story Seekers storytelling and story tending method.
  • Influencing the start of a buying process and the transitions in the I-M-P-A-C-T buying process using value-created selling tools and technique.